A World in the Balance

On the Road to Revenge

Possibly the only time in gaming history that the party has picked Cauldrev's choice...

Game #43

Noting that the card in the late Haggart’s grasp was made of onyx, Cauldrev asks Opal if he may have it to see if it will react with the onyx card he already possesses. As Opal is handing it to him, the image on it shifts into something new. Cauldrev finds that the two cards become one when they are brought together and that they can be separated again if he wishes to do so. Ghesh opens the slim case he received from the mysterious woman and finds that it holds six ornate platinum charms, one from each deity represented in the Church of Many. Exploration of the Royal Manor proves that it has also been ransacked and the party decides that it is time to return to the Hold.

With Haggart’s body in tow, the group makes a brief stop at the crypts only to find that Fenryth’s tomb is sealed once again. They can only assume he has gotten the rest that he has long deserved. The journey back to the Hold is uneventful and at the main gates they are informed that the General will probably wish to see them at their earliest convenience. They decide to stop and see Elsbet first so they may return the remains of her ancestor and also tell her all that has transpired in Galdegfast. After leaving Haggart’s journals and the schematics from his workshop with her, they go to visit the General in the main keep.

The General is outraged to hear that their adversary was Orcus but is also overjoyed at the prospect of repopulating Galdegfast once again. He informs them that he wishes to have a ceremony in the center of town in two days to present the heroes with gifts of appreciation and to reveal the liberation of the ancient dwarven city to his people. Also, at the request of Gavin, he promises that the full tale of their exploits will be recorded in the Codex for future generations to view. The adventurers obtain rooms at The Gilded Pick for some well-earned rest and to discuss their prospects in the days to come. After much discussion, it is decided that the time has come to confront Warden Mordant and his corrupt armies in the capital city of Qimtar, Pedryn.

There is much rejoicing from the dwarven populace upon learning about the liberation of Galdegfast. The heroes are presented with tokens of appreciation from the finest craftsmen in the city. All of the items have been embellished with unique knot work that signifies the bearer as a friend and ally to the dwarves. The adventurers pack their things and prepare to depart the Hold for good. As they are bidding the General farewell, he asks if they are willing to perform him one last service since they are headed to Pedryn. They are tasked with returning the body of Lord Amherst Drexel to the half-elf enclave along with official documents explaining an alternate version of his death so as to avoid political conflict between the dwarves and the powers that be above ground. The party reluctantly agrees to do so and sets out for the surface with seventh magically preserved member added to their ranks.


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