A World in the Balance

Oh the H-orrery

In this world, Pluto is still a planet dammit...

Game #40

Having pushed back the darkness enveloping the city with their efforts in the Church, the intrepid adventurers were now able to see what lie on the opposite side of the river. This section of the city had been bisected by the swift flowing waters and a unique Y-shaped bridge had been constructed to provide access to both banks. To the left was a large domed building covered with gears and other machinery. The group’s best guess was that it was an observatory of sorts from which the planets and stars on the roof of the cave were being projected. The other side was a commercial district made up of stores and artisan workshops. Hoping to find out more about Haggart, they decided to travel in this direction and search for his workshop.

This portion of the city had obviously been ransacked as well. Opal’s keen eye noted that there appeared to be no signs of undead presence in this section of Galdegfast whatsoever. After wandering the streets for a while, the group came across a building that was not like the others. Although it had been damaged at one time, repairs had been made and fortifications had been added. The stout oak door proved to be locked but thanks to the particular skill set of Gavin, access was quickly granted. Inside proved to be a collection of several worktables, a bed and a writing table. Another of Haggart’s journals was discovered on the writing table soaked in dried blood. Most of the pages were rendered illegible but a few passages could be made out. The journal indicated that Haggart had kept a set of cards for his self and it was hidden in his workshop. A thorough examination turned up several bars of silver and gold, precious gems of different varieties, some schematics for various innovations and a key to the front door. A small concealed area of the floor was finally uncovered and there proved to be a metal box inside. Unfortunately, the box was empty but it did appear as though it was made to hold a set of cards at one point in time. With nothing else to discover there, the group moved on to the observatory.

The front doors to the observatory were smooth metal with no evidence of a keyhole or handle. As Belhorn approached them, however, they slid open automatically revealing a large chamber inside. The area was dominated by an orrery that had seen better days. Several of the planets appeared to be missing as well as some gears required to make it function properly. Looking around, they saw several smaller doors on the walls of the chamber but they opted to go to a large set of double doors on the far side of the room instead. These doors were much like the front doors but they did not open when the party approached them. To the right of the doors, a large black piece of glass began to glow faintly. It proved to be some form of security device complete with buttons for input. It was asking for a password. Not having one, the party decided to try an answer some security questions instead. Their collective knowledge proved sufficient and the system granted them access. Two curving staircases followed the outside of the wall of the building and led upwards. As they ascended, they could see several side platforms that were made to perform maintenance on the vast collection of machinery attached to the building. The entire structure groaned and squealed irregularly around them. It was evident that it was not functioning properly. At the top of the stairs was a room dedicated to spare parts. Every available corner and wall was stacked with various gears, levers and bits of metal. Opal spied a marbled blue object in the midst of one of the piles and went to grab it. It proved to be one of the planets for the orrery but unfortunately, it was firmly attached to an automaton that was not willing to part with it. Several piecemeal golems rose from the collection of the junk from the room and attacked. The group turned them back into pieces of scrap and prepared to continue their journey upwards on the spiral staircase in the middle of the room.


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