A World in the Balance

It's Opposite Day!

I totally hope the PCs live through this

Game #37

After a restless night filled with dark dreams, the group of adventurers prepare to explore the remainder of the church. Opal notices that the offerings left on the altar to Moradin have disappeared and in their place is a small silver hammer bearing the markings of the god. She puts it in a pouch for safekeeping and everyone decides to check out the doors marked with the symbol of Erathis next.

The temple of Erathis looks like a communal living area made for 40 or 50 people. There are long tables for meals, a kitchen, an area filled with couches and an area with bookshelves and toys for children. The entire space is in disarray with chairs scattered about the floor, dishes left on the tables and toys in random piles. As the party begins to look around, they notice three old men sitting at the far end of the room. Belhorn approaches one of them and greets him. As the old man stares at him, Belhorn is filled with apathy and does not appear overly motivated to assist his comrades in any way. It becomes apparent that these old men mean the group harm and the heroes take up arms. Although they are plagued with lethargy and fatigue in the presence of the men, they manage to persevere until their tired enemies are put to rest once and for all. The group decides to clean up the mess that has been made in the temple and they set to work picking up, washing and cleaning. Engrossed in their work, they do not notice until they are finished that the dark vines in the room have vanished. Gavin has an epiphany and realizes that the foes they have been fighting in each temple appear to be the antithesis of the god that the temple to which the god is dedicated. Gwynne muses on the areas that remain and makes the supposition that Melora’s temple will have some abomination to nature in it, the temple of Pelor will be plagued with darkness and Kord’s temple will have weak and cowardly foes inside. The party moves into the temple of Melora next.

Melora’s temple appears to have been filled with lush greenery at one point in time but it is now all withered and brown. In the center of the dead garden is a cone-shaped mound that has a stone channel carved into it in the shape of the stylized wave used by the worshipers of Melora. It appears to have been filled with water at one point in time but it is now dry. At the top of the mound is a large pile of bodies. Gavin quietly approaches the pile and examines it, finding that is is actually body parts, not whole bodies. Unwilling to approach the pile of flesh again, Gwynne attempts to light it on fire with her magic. Nothing appears to happen at first but then the mass begins to rise up from the ground and an abomination is formed from the multiple body parts. It reaches to the ground it rose from and grabs an enormous sword before wading into the fray. The party beats the hulk back to the ground, only to find that it rises once more when they try to burn the body again. After being incapacitated a second time, it remains still. The adventurers decide to burn the body parts in the forge in Moradin’s temple but find that the dark vines remain in Melora’s temple even after the body is destroyed. Opal empties her water skin into the stone channel finding that the water forms a small puddle at the bottom and is not absorbed. The group ponders what their next action should be in the attempt to cleanse the temple of Melora.


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