Glimmer is located in the middle of the Mage Scar. Some previous unrecorded catastrophe has left the entire area barren. Common belief is that the area was the site of a final battle of several warring nations thousands of years ago and the end result of the conflict was the Scar and the jagged peaks that surround the area. None of the kingdoms lay claim to the area since the land is utterly incapable of producing any form of life aside from the mysterious area known as Melora’s Boon.

Glimmer is primarily a trading post that was set up by a band of caravan merchants who realized the potential of having a location that was roughly in the middle of most of the main trade routes between the kingdoms in the area. Over time, the area became widely used and a permanent town developed. In recent years, the town has also seen the addition of a mage enclave and a few church outposts. Both groups have been sent to research the continuing state of the Scar in the hopes of unraveling some lost knowledge of the past that could have caused devastation on such a large scale.

There is no exact record as to where the name for the trading post of Glimmer originated but there are several widely recognized theories. Some say it came from the shimmering reflections of the sun off the glazed stone littering the ground. Others say it was named to mock a magistrate who declared “there will never be a glimmer of hope for that place”. The current Merchant Lords will tell you that the original caravan leaders all had similar dreams of glimmering piles of gold waiting to be found where the two rivers meet. Regardless, Glimmer has become a thriving trading post for the majority of the remaining population centers surrounding the Havocwrought Peaks.

Places of Interest

Main Hall One-Eyed Jack’s Saloon Sparks of Rage
The Golden Yoke Inn The Tradehouse The Eccentricity and Oddity Emporium
The Church Ward The Balance of Pentacles Enclave Madam Velspa’s Fortunes and Curios

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