A ruined city and fortress located on the first level of the lower caverns. Although the outer part of the city is accessible, the inner portion of the citadel is sealed by a giant mithril gate. The gate proclaims that this is Galedgfast, the domain of the Rimehammer, and it is etched with a depiction of a dwarven warrior standing triumphant over the body of a slain dragon.

Recent events have revealed that this city was the last known location of Haggart Grimgut and that the gate can be opened by combining two parts of a seal that are in the possession of Fenryth Stormfist and The General.

Word has now spread throughout the lands that the curse of undeath that kept the city sealed was lifted by an ambitious band of adventurers. A call has been sent out by The General and it appears as if the dwarven populace is planning on inhabiting the last remaining dwarven stronghold on the continent. A mass exodus has begun and it is rare to find a dwarf in any of the surface cities anymore.

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