Bengra League of Improvisational Performers

“In my day, we had to find our own gigs. None of this fancy League crap!” – Old Bard Withers

In the beginning, there were lots of people who thought they could perform. This number was directly proportional to the number of disgruntled barkeeps who thought they had hired passable entertainment for the evening. Enter the Bengra League of Improvisational Performers…

The League began as a collaboration between establishment owners and talented bards to help improve the quality of entertainment being proffered in exchange for guaranteed payment and performances. Over time this developed into the current system. Bards are ranked according to their skill by a panel of their peers from the League and are then matched up with locales where their talent will best fit. If it turns out to be a good match, it will usually turn into a regular performance schedule which profits both the bard and the business.

The League collects dues from its members in order to cover costs incurred in the management of such a complex network of people and places. One does not need to be a member of the League to perform but it has progressed to a point that many establishments will not hire a bard that lacks credentials. Upon acceptance into the League, bards receive a piece of jewelry of their choosing that displays the official seal which they can wear prominently as a sign of authenticity. Falsely presenting oneself as a member of the League is frowned upon and there are rumors that there is a special internal group of members that deals with impostors when necessary.

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Bengra League of Improvisational Performers

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