Tag: Ahlfar


  • Ishak Al-Kharim

    Ishak the Bountiful is the first [[Merchant Lords | Merchant Lord]] of [[Ahlfar]] and founder of the [[City of Profits]]. Although a shrewd businessman, he is also known for his jovial nature and generosity towards his people.

  • Haroun ibn Ishak

    Haroun is the only son of [[:ishak-al-kharim | Ishak]] and also a [[Merchant Lords | Merchant Lord]]. Haroun was able to locate the underground river that travels beneath [[Ahlfar]] and create a garden paradise in the desert called the [[Oasis of Coins …

  • Umar Ad-Daar

    Umar the Afflictor is the rival and sworn enemy of [[:ishak-al-kharim | Ishak]]. Umar poses as an unrecognized and self-proclaimed Merchant Lord. In reality, he is a black marketeer and smuggler who deals in drugs, stolen antiquities and human …