A World in the Balance

We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place

Opal's got spirit realm, yes she do...

Game #50

Ghesh arrives at the North Gate only to find that Warden Mordant has personally informed all the gate guards that no one is able to pass without papers signed specifically by him. The group falls back to Plan B and Opal uses her new found abilities to create a portal for everyone into the Realm of Spirits.

Upon entering the portal, the adventurers discover that they have taken on new animal forms that reflect how they are represented in this realm. A moose greets them and lets Opal know that he has been sent by her ally, the Fire Boar, to assist them in their travels. Everything progresses smoothly until the group encounters a pack of vermin intent on causing trouble. They promptly attack swearing that they shall complete “the blood pact”. The party, although endowed with new abilities, still proves competent at defeating their foes. Moose is unable to provide much information about blood pacts aside from the fact that they are usually taken up by mad creatures gone feral. The vermin, however, seemed quite sane and coherent. They finally make it to the anchor that Opal has chosen, a single large tree, and a portal is opened back into the Prime Material plane.

The group finds themselves a fair distance south of the city having successfully bypassed the walls and guards. They reorient themselves to the west and set out towards the foothills.


crofticus crofticus

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