A World in the Balance

We Can Do This The Hard Way

...or we can walk in that gate over there

Game #48

Shortly after joining the queue, a courier wearing a tabard of Bahamut rides up in line behind the party. While he is tending to his horse, a city guard arrives and informs him that church members can use the North Gate without having to wait in line. The adventurers decide to take their chances as it seems only city guards are manning the gates. Ghesh dons his armor once again and they ride to the north. After a perfunctory glance to ensure their papers are in order, the party is allowed in the city. They immediately head to the Drexel Compound where Opal once again speaks with the seneschal who leads them into the courtyard. Ghesh, however, is asked to wait outside due to his affiliation with the Church of Bahamut.

Lord Vallyn appears shortly afterwards and identifies the body of his cousin. He invites the group to make themselves at home in his dining room where he says he will join them after arrangements have been made for Amherst. Much to their surprise, Ghesh joins them at the table saying that Vallyn granted him entry into the compound after seeing him. The party realizes that Vallyn is a perceptive and insightful individual and decides that the best course of action is to tell him the truth of what transpired in the Hold.

Vallyn stoically listens to the story of his cousin’s downward spiral and offers to aid the party in their fight against Warden Mordant if they come up with a feasible plan and an acceptable number of allies. His advice is to try and have a course of action ready for implementation by the Solstice Festival as there will be much chaos in the streets from the revelries to help mask their attack. He also offers to have his blacksmith modify Ghesh’s armor so he can pass for one of the local members of Bahamut. While Ghesh deals with the armorsmith, everyone else heads to Hollaine’s, an inn near the open marketplace, to secure lodging. With an agreement to rendezvous in a couple of days, everyone heads their separate ways in an attempt to secure aid from their contacts in the city.


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