A World in the Balance

War Stories

This crypt be ghost like Swayze...

Game #51

After making their way back to the main road, the party quickly heads to the west. Along the way, they meet a group of troubadours who specifically are headed into the city to see how Belhorn’s quest will play out. Apparently news travels fast and there is a rather large amount of betting going on within the Bengra League of Improvisational Performers as to whether he will succeed. Being this close to Pedryn provides a fair amount of safety and the group finds themselves in the foothills without running into any trouble. Although it is difficult to determine a direction to head once in the hills, Opal is able to navigate a path through the underbrush that quickly leads the group to a clearing in the woods. There, they find two large birch trees that catch the sunlight as dusk causing the bright pillars of light that can be seen from the city. The clearing also contains a waterfall that feeds in to a rather picturesque pool. Finding no structures in sight, they decide to check behind the waterfall. While circumnavigating the pool, they can also see that several of the trees in the area have been cut down. Judging by their size, someone is using them for firewood. As they get to the far side of the pool, they can see a narrow path that leads behind the waterfall.

The path leads to a narrow passage that travels into the depths of the foothills. As they enter, they can see the flicker of firelight ahead. Opal scouts out the cavern ahead and sees only a lone figure tending to a campfire. The group decides to approaches him only to discover that he appears to be a ghost stuck in an endless cycle of greeting them and putting wood on the fire. The ghost tells them that Argobast is not here and is most likely meeting with the leaders of the army in the human camp not too far away. This spirit appears to be none other than Piperil, the manservant of the legendary bard. After consulting the map in Gavin’s possession, the party decides to head straight towards their goal forgoing a thorough examination of side passages.

As they travel on, it becomes obvious that this used to be a well-furnished residence at some point but it has suffered over the years and many of the rooms have had portions collapse. In one of the larger areas, they are confronted by the spirits of several orcs who label them as allies of Argobast and attack immediately. After the ghosts are dispatched, Gwynne discovers that they have left behind a small stone disk with an image of a spear stuck into the ground in front of a waterfall carved on it. A bit further on, another small group of orcs is encountered and they also attack on sight after their leader encourages them to protect the women and children. Once defeated, the party again finds that they have left behind a stone token. This one bears the image of a serpent coiled around a spear.

Upon reaching the far end of this set of rooms, they realize that at one time there was a passage that would have led to their goal but it has collapsed and become impassable. They have no choice but to double back and see if they can find another way to reach the area on their map marked as the probable location of the tomb.


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