A World in the Balance

Wanted Man

A face only a mother could love...

Game #46

Gwynne’s memory serves true and the party finds a small inn to stay at upon reaching Greyborough. The stable boy seems skittish, particularly of Ghesh, and all conversation in the common room stops when the group enters. The innkeeper seems rather flustered at the arrival of the group saying that he was expecting “Rogyn” but he nervously seats them at the “regular” table by the door. He also mentions that he has doubled the size of the bounty board as requested. Gavin examines the board only to find that a bounty of 100 platinum has been placed for information leading to the capture of Cauldrev “Kinslayer” Havers. The adventurers begin to discuss this turn of events but are interrupted when Paladin Rogyn arrives with his men who appear to be a group of ruffians. In spite of Belhorn’s best diplomatic efforts, Rogyn refuses to deal with anyone except Ghesh. During their conversation, Rogyn seems to take note of something about Ghesh and quickly orders his men to attack stating that they will be able to claim a bounty for killing the dragonborn.

The other patrons of the inn quickly move out of the way of the fighting but panic ensues when Opal summons storm magic in the small space. There is a mad rush for the door and several of the townsfolk are struck down from random blows while trying to escape. Although Rogyn and his men are defeated, 11 of the locals are found scattered about the inn after the fight. Three are found to be alive still but they quickly flee once they are healed enough to move. After cleaning up the carnage, the party decides to stay the night anyways. In the middle of the night, Opal hears movement downstairs and upon investigating notices that the bodies have been taken away as well as the inn’s lockbox. Morning arrives and after leaving money for reparations and a note, they quickly depart the devastated town.


crofticus crofticus

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