A World in the Balance

The Bad Lieutenant

You haven't gotten to the part where he dances around naked doing drugs yet...

Game #53

Having recovered from their late night, the group decides to explore a smaller hallway that leads further to the east. The passage opens into a room where they find another small campsite that appears to be similar to the previous one in age. There are two corpses here and judging from the wounds, they have encountered a group of orc spirits. Opal’s keen eye spies an object half buried in the remains of the campfire which turns out to be a burnt book. It is a journal from one of the robbers that describes a hidden stash in the crypt that they were going to retrieve. The party continues to the south in the hopes of locating the loot but before they go too far, they can hear the sounds of weapons being sharpened. Gavin sneaks ahead and see a small group of orcs caring for their weapons. Unfortunately, their keen senses pick up his scent and he is forced to quickly retreat to his companions with the ghosts hot on his heels. The spirits are dealt with and leave behind a token with an eagle grasping a spear in its talons. Thorough examination of the area the ghosts occupied reveals a secret wall and the group finds the bandit’s stash which contains much gold and some enchanted items.

Backtracking to the north leads them into another large chamber where they witness a continuation of the events from the past. The commander of the human army is addressing a group of nondescript men and it appears as if he is giving them orders to assassinate Argobast. They ponder the implications of this vision while taking a smaller side passage east. Their ruminations are interrupted when they encounter yet another hostile group of orc spirits and battle looms imminently.


crofticus crofticus

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