A World in the Balance

On The Road

You say Jack Kerouac, I say "Highway to the Danger Zone"...

Game #47

Although there are several smaller roads off the beaten path that could also lead to the city, the adventurers decide to stick with the straight and narrow and continue on towards Pedryn on the main road. Midday, they can hear someone riding fast on the road behind them and decide to wait and see who it is. Gavin recognizes it as one of the outrunners from Glimmer. He states that Madam Velspa said where and when he would find them. He hands them a letter from her that turns out to be a mysterious prophecy. Baffled, they continue on their way.

A couple of nights out of Greyborough on Gavin’s watch, riders from the road approach the camp. Gavin quickly alerts his companions and they take up defensive positions hidden around the campsite. It turns out to be men-at-arms who have been tracking the party since Greyborough. They demand that Cauldrev be turned over into their custody and when Cauldrev accidentally protests from his hiding spot, they quickly leap to the attack. It turns out that they are not alone and three gnomes join them from the flanks out of the darkness. When it becomes obvious that the party will not be bested so easily, the gnomes flee into the night leaving their hired mercenaries for dead. It becomes obvious that bounty hunters are hot on the trail of Cauldrev in hopes of a big reward.

As the group nears Pedryn, Belhorn and Gavin decide to make a detour to the nearby town of Oak Grove to see if they can find out anything about the current state of affairs in the city. The trip proves to be fruitless aside from a nice lunch and good beer. The group continues on through the foothills and upon reach the crest of the hills, they finally lay eyes upon Pedryn. Opal is chosen to scout out the city and after changing into a bird, flies over the wall in attempt to locate the Drexel Enclave. She is successful and speaks with the seneschal of Lord Vallyn, the current head of the enclave in the absence of Lord Amherst Drexel. After providing him with papers from The General, he gives her papers to get passage into the city but lets her know that the party will probably end up spending a week or so in line before they can be authorized for entry. Opal returns to the group, shares this information and after disguising Cauldrev and removing Ghesh’s armor, they get in line at the East Gate and settle in for a long wait.


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