A World in the Balance

Into Danger

You've been warned...several times....at length

Game #44

The journey back to the surface is uneventful. It appears that the events of the past few weeks have once again made the network of tunnels leading into dwarven lands safe for general travel. After being underground for close to three months, the sun is a welcome but somewhat painful sight. The surface world is in the heart of spring and the waist-deep snows that buried the area have long since melted. Cauldrev takes time to marvel at the panorama of wildflowers in the lush verdant mountains and notices a group of young mountain goats frolicking in the fields. It gives him the strength to continue on. As the only way to reach Qimtar is through The Mage Scar, the group sets out for their old haunt, Glimmer.

Halfway to Glimmer, they encounter the first of several dwarven travelers. A small family with a cart that appears to be bearing the entirety of their possessions stops to chat in the road. Noting the honors the adventurers wear, they are deferential although anxious to continue with their journey. As the adventurers press onwards, the dwarven traffic becomes a steady stream. It appears as if the news of Galdegfast has spread.

Upon arriving in Glimmer, the band disperses to visit family and old friends. They learn of events in Qimtar and the news is grim. There is an inquisition of some form being conducted by the church of Bahamut and travel in and out of Pedryn is closely watched. This combined with recent goblin attacks in the pass has made traffic from the west minimal. After a night of relaxation, the party quickly retrieves their mounts from Argok and heads out of town. They notice a crowd of people lined up at the door of Madam Velspa’s shop and Gavin shares that she has apparently become a seer with surprisingly accurate fortunes since they have left. They decide not to stop and get a fortune that could possibly help them with the near impossible task of defeating Warden Mordant and continue on into the mountain passes that lead to Qimtar.

The road is empty and they encounter no one as they travel throughout the day. As the sun begins to set, the quiet dusk is broken by the sound of arrows raining down from the cliffs on either side of the road. Ambush! While the goblin archers distract the party, another stealthy trio of the creatures manages to evade the keen perception of Opal and steal the pony and cart. They do not get far before being run down mercilessly although one of the smarter archers makes a break for the woods instead of facing the wrath of Ghesh. The steadfast pony is retrieved and the goblin bodies are examined. They appear to be dressed in rags and malnourished. These are sad pitiful goblins and it is quite possible that they may have been attempting to steal the pony for food. The rumors of greenskins in the pass appear to be true and a careful watch is set that night in anticipation of trouble to come.


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