A World in the Balance

Gathering Resources

Too bad someone didn't play a Korean specialized in StarCraft...

Game #49

Everyone meets at Hollaine’s and shares the events of the past couple days. Ghesh, after having his armor modified, has gained access to the keep at the Church of Bahamut only to discover that it appears to be occupied mostly by mercenaries. The second floor of the keep, however, was off limits. Opal encountered a group of three orcs who had been given asylum at the Church of Melora. They seemed to be allies of her people and taught her a few things about her past and future. Gavin was mistaken for a member of the Explorer’s Society due to the amulet he was wearing that belonged to Aldar. He also arranged a possible meeting with a mysterious figure known as the Red Hand. Cauldrev visits the Church of the Raven Queen and discovers that a dozen battle trained maidens that are his to command have been awaiting his arrival. Gwynne has an interview with First Mage Eleanor Macdern and gets promoted to 18th rank with rights and privileges. She also discovers from her father that three of her siblings have disappeared without a trace and catches sight of Montgomery Laroche, the mage in Glimmer who was displaced to make a spot for her at the Balance of Pentacles. Belhorn visited the bard’s guild and ran into his old acquaintances Wynne Goldtone and Gaver Flamefret. Gaver tells Belhorn that the Dirge of Argobast could be extremely useful in their fight against Warden Mordant. Belhorn also has a bit of fun at Gavin’s expense in the Club of Kings with an old friend, Willem the Daft.

The group decides to focus on finding the Dirge of Argobast and Gwynne and Ghesh head to the Bengra Archives. After much research and a conversation with a senile librarian named Harris, they manage to find some information in a journal that points to a location west of Pedryn in the foothills surrounding the city. Meanwhile, Gavin and Belhorn head to the Explorer’s Society. Gavin decides to return the amulet to a high ranking member by the name of Georg. In exchange for information on Aldar’s research and the events in the Lower Caverns, Georg has an assistant locate and copy a map that is supposed to be of the crypt of Argobast. With information in hand, the group settles in for a night of rest, planning to depart the city in the morning using Ghesh’s credentials as a member of the church.


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