A World in the Balance

A Glimpse Into The Past

The hunt for red orc-tober?

Game #52

Further exploration of the northern passages does not reveal a way to get to the crypt but the group does encounter another hostile group of orc spirits that leave behind another token bearing an image of a shield with crossed spears. A small side passage also appears to have been the camp of a lone tomb robber who did not survive. His body and a bag of pilfered valuables are found near the campsite.

The party heads east in an attempt to circumnavigate the collapsed area of the cavern which leads into a large area where they witness a ghostly reenactment of a human commander rallying his troops to hunt orcs in the hills. A bit further to the east, they encounter a ghostly orc who acts as though he has been mortally wounded. He begs the adventurers to return a seal to his clan and gives them another stone token bearing the image of a striped badger with a spear in its jaws. After the token is taken, the ghost dissipates. This passage proves to be a dead end so once again they back track and try heading to the northeast.

They find themselves in a large room and as they enter, they can hear a low growling coming from some of the smaller side rooms. Readying their weapons, they encounter a group of orcs dressed in wolf skins bearing clawed weapons. The orcs fight with primal ferocity and their vicious clawing and biting manages to incapacitate two of the group before the spirits are bested. The foes leave behind a token that bears the image of a wolf that has its paws resting upon a spear. The group decides that it is time to recuperate as they have explored late into the night. Camp is set and the remainder of the crypt awaits them on the morrow.


crofticus crofticus

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